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Parcel service

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We commenced our parcel delivery activity in 1998 as a family business, based on our own capital. At the beginning we performed parcel transportation using a covered van and only one employee. We started our first route between Budapest and Szeged, occasionally delivering the parcels as far as the border crossing in case of individual requests. During the first year our priority was to retain our existing customers with the proper parcel delivery service and expand our clientele. In order to achieve this we developed our machine pool and capacity, while we also extended out parcel delivery services. We introduced night parcel deliveries in Budapest. By 2001 our Szeged route had developed so far that we transported 1.5 tons of goods daily for our partners and parcel delivery from Szeged to Budapest had also continuously increased. In 2002 we started national express parcel delivery, which means that we are able to transport 1.5 tons of goods to anywhere in the country (from Budapest and Pest County) within 5-6 hours. When Hungary joined the EU in 2004, great opportunities opened up for our company. We started a daily transportation service between Budapest, Vienna and Arad. We commenced delivery to Warsaw in 2012. At present our vehicle runs between Budapest and Warsaw 5 times daily. Today we solve the tasks of parcel delivery using 9 vehicles of our own and cooperating with our subcontractor partners.